Bella's Best ~ Bella and Ava's Recommended Products
Canine Cooler ~  Your dog will love these Thermo-regulating beds!  Available on Amazon

Tricky Treat Ball ~ Bella’s favorite is the Tricky Treat Ball, a neon orange ball with a hole in one end!  As they play, they reward themselves. This will ease separation (They won’t notice you left the house) and removes the temptation to destroy something in the house! Available on Amazon.

Pop-Up Water Bowl ~ Ava loves her pop up water bowl!  Be sure to bring water along for your dog when you are walking!  Available on Amazon.

Pranzo Dog Park/Dog Walk Bag ~ Be sure to bring all your dogs needs with you on a walk or to the dog park in this  eco-friendly and stylish bag! 

​                                                               Pranzo Dog Park/Dog Walk Bag!

India Hicks  Collection ~

I have a rescue dog.  India has two rescue dogs from the Bahamas, Bond and Samson. Having always believed in animal adoption, Found My Animal accessories struck a chord with me, as I’m sure they will with all pet owners. Found My Animal is passionate about animals and equally passionate about the principles of good design. They lovingly make each piece by hand in Brooklyn and fashioned this dog leash and collar exclusively for us. By encouraging rescue over purchase, we support animal welfare by asking pets and owners to wear your values and show your rescue spirit.

Chinook Break-Away Collars ~ 888-643-5109 / This collar can literally save your dog’s life! 

Collar Clinic ~ 800-430-2010 / Innotek Basic Trainer training collar (also known as Bella's Puppy Pager!)

J and J Dog Supplies ~ 800-642-2050 / Great training equipment and great books. Bella was the winner of the Fall 2004 Photo contest and she was featured on the cover of the J and J Dog 40th Anniversary catalog! 

Kuddle Kots ~ 888-358-3353 / Chiropractic Designed Pet bedding for the special needs of companion animals with mobility challenges.

Tick and Flea Control ~ Natural Chemistry Flea & Tick Spray  is the BEST!  
-Chemical Free - No Pyrethrins or Permethrins
-Kills & Repels Fleas & Ticks with documented residual for up to 7 days
-Use directly on pet and on pet bedding and surroundings
-Safe to use on puppies and around children and other animals

Wagnswim ~ 770-394-7946 / The fitness and swim center for your best friend! They offer therapeutic and recreational swimming in an indoor heated pool, treadmill jogadog, a 1500 sq ft agility playground, boarding and daycard for special needs pets, nutrition and diet consultations, Reiki and Massage!

Z~Leash! Ergonomic collars and leashes ~ 1-619-270-2184 / 866-843-0981 This specially designed leash and collar combination reduces the chance of soft tissue, esophagus, neck, and skeletal injuries… They even make a special sports collar with a quick release that works great for Obedience and Agility events. 

Through a Dog's Ear ~  Music designed to calm and comfort your canine companion!  Ava received a set of all the Music for Christmas!  She loves the all, especially the one for car rides an so do the people that ride with us! We believe every home, car, and vet office should have a set! Available on Amazon!

Rescue Remedy ~ The perfect calming remedy for a stressed dog!  Whether your dig is stressed from car rides, storms, fireworks,  or a trip to the vet, a few drops of Rescue Remedy will help calm your dog!  Bella and Ava love their Rescue Remedy! Available on Amazon!

Dog City Bakery II ~ 404.257.0052 /  Offering toys, leashes and
Answers Raw Dog food,  and Vital Essentials brands...Ava's favorite!  

Wilderness Family Naturals ~ 800-945-3801 / Yes, your dog can benefit from coconut oil too!  Check out Leesa's blog post  all about it!

EasyDefense Flea & Tick Tag ~ 888-937-6677 /  12 Months of Chemical-Free Protection!  A natural approach to flea & tick control... The Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea & Tick Tag is a safe, chemical-free way to keep harmful pests off of your pet.  Using state of the art holistic technology, the EasyDefense Flea & Tick Tag utilizes your pet's own bio-energy to create a natural preventative to biting insects, including fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. There are no dangerous chemicals or harmful pesticides involved. It is completely safe for pets and humans in the household.  The EasyDefense Flea & Tick Tag begins working in just 3 weeks.  It remains effective at preventing biting insects for a full year. Protect your pet with the safest, best natural defense against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.  Also available on Amazon!

Here you'll discover the Recommended Products that made it onto Bella and Ava's 5 Paws Up List!

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