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Bella's Best ~ Ava's New Favorites

Dog City Bakery II ~ 404.257.0052 /  Offering toys, leashes and Vital Esssentials and Answers Raw Dog food, Ava's favorites!   

Pranzo dog park/dog walk bag ~ Be sure to bring all your dogs needs with you on a walk or to the dog park in this eco-friendly and stylish bag! 

                                   Pranzo dog park/dog walk bag

Fur Shui ~   FUR SHUI offers a serious but lighthearted overview of how we can easily improve the quality of life both for our furry (and nonfurry) friends and for ourselves. You'll learn that animals have a pervasive desire to provide emotional support to their caretakers. By understanding the simple principles in FUR SHUI, you'll immediately see how our pets improve our health, protect our homes, and more! 

The world is my filet mignon ~ Bella and Ava

Here you'll discover Ava's New Favorites!   
With Ava's discerning taste, you'll be certain to find the best that Dog~World has to offer among her choices. 
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