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About Us
This website is a place where you'll discover a Resource Reservoir of eco-friendly options, products, and services available to assist you in your quest for optimum health in every area of your life so whether you live with the limitations from Airborne Allergies (pollen, dust, etc.), Food Allergies, Environmental Illness (EI), Electromagnetic Field (EMF) sensitivities, Chemical Sensitivities (CS), you are interested in improving your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), or you just want to make healthy choices in your life, HealthyHighway is here to help.

Here's a brief description on what you will discover in each area of HealthyHighway...  If you learn one thing here that helps you and makes a difference in your life, my goal was accomplished. Thank you and enjoy your visit!

About Us
In November 2004, Leesa launched, a Healthy Lifestyle Company. As a Healthly Lifestyle Coach & CMSAT ~ BioEnergetic Technician focused on wellness, she educates, encourages, & empowers clients to reach their health goals for a happy healthy life. 

 Melodies from Within offers poems that transform tragedy into powerful lessons from which to grow.  
“My most memorable moments have been blessings discovered from facing challenges." 

 The Essence of Elegance. Custom accessory design by Bijoutier, Leesa Wheeler. La Bijoux designs have been featured in the J Reynolds national advertisements seen in: MODERN BRIDE, SEVENTEEN, BRIDES, PAGEANTRY, ELEGANT BRIDE and WWD and in fashion shows from New York to Los Angeles to Atlanta. They've also been worn by many women with the title of Miss Georgia, Miss World, The first lady of South Carolina, brides and socialites. Leesa's love of pearls led her to dolma, a contemporary concept for the world's most ancient gemstone! Several of Leesa's designs... Dove, Raindrop, Coco, La Luna (her her wedding anklet - perfect for your destination wedding and even everyday), and La Vina (her clustered pearl pendant)...were featured among your dolma choices! 

Attitude Adjusters....

Daily Affirmations
 I believe how we talk to ourselves makes a difference in our lives. Would you say to someone else what you say to yourself? 

Career Change
 As a Hiring Professional and Career Designer with more than 18 years of Staffing and Consultant Management, connecting the right person with the right job is what I love to do. 

Patient/Physician Partnership
Communication is key!  
Bring a list of questions with you and discuss them with you doctor during your time together ~ it will make a difference.

Preparing for a Hospital Stay
Being chemically sensitive requires special attention to details particularly when it comes to a hospital stay. 

Gratitude Journal
I’ve found that keeping focused on all that is good in my life makes a world of difference in my attitude and helps me enjoy a good night's sleep.

Understanding Your Grief: The Roller Coaster Effect Living through the death of a loved one… Family, Friends, and Furry companions.  

Emergency Preparedness Plan 
Are you prepared for a Disaster? Follow these steps to research, discuss and implement an emergency plan...

Eternity Bound
Are you prepared for your death? Are your affairs in order? Your will, funeral wishes? We don’t know what tomorrow will bring…

Fitness Finesse
Being fit doesn’t have to be complicated. Our Fav Five Fitness ideas...

Mind Matters
A few suggestions to keep your mind alert and stimulated, today and in the years to come. 

Things to Ponder
Fabulous quotes including this one… 
Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.

Life’s Crossroads
During our life journey we face crossroads...a career change, the death of a loved one, a health issue, aging... In my own life I've found that these situations are not unbearable and are sometimes surprisingly even a blessing when we recognize, acknowledge, and rest in the sovereignty of God in the midst of them.

Bella’s Best
Here you'll discover everything on Bella's and Ava's 5 Paws Up List! With Bella's and Ava's discerning taste, you'll be certain to find the best that Dog~World has to offer among their choices. 

Recommended Resources
Treatment for allergies is as individual as the person who has them. I hope you discover your answer here among my recommended resources.

News You Can Use
Introducing Chewcolat! Chocolate covered Chews4Health©  
The healthy way to satisfy your chocolate craving! Chews4Health wafers hand dipped in kosher chocolate! Available exclusively from Leesa A. Wheeler . Now available in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and The Trio - 5 chewcolat in each fabulous flavor! indulge yourself!
Keep yourself healthy! Did you know that triggers for an allergic reaction can be found in household cleaners, dryer sheets, paints, glues, tap water, colored dyes in foods, and more...

Healthy News You Can Use on the HealthyHighway Blog!

Savvy Style
Personal "Savvy" Style ~ clothing, accessories, and hairstyle ~ is as unique as the person who wears them. The same can be said for home decor. Each is a reflection of who you are today. I say embrace yourself! Being healthy is always in style!  

Wheeler Writings
Discover details on all  Leesa's writings including her new book,  Live Well
Read what other's are saying about Live Well including reviews by...
Donald W. Barden ~ Writer, International Consultant and Speaker: The Perfect Plan
Robert A. Rohm, PH.D. ~ International Speaker and President, Personality Insights
Daniel L. Barrow, M.D. ~ MBNA-Bowman Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, 
Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA

Thank you for visiting HealthyHighway. I believe that Excellent Health is found along your journey and not just at your destination. Would it make sense for us to spend several minutes together to discuss how HealthyHighway can help YOU Live a Happy Healthy Life? 
Contact me today and  Start today to live a happier healthier life! 
(Don't live in Atlanta? No problem. We do virtual coaching worldwide!) 
 I look forward to helping YOU Live a Happy Healthy Life!

Live Well!

In November 2004, Leesa launched, a website whose pages are filled with information for a healthy home, body, mind, and spirit ~ a healthier home and a healthier you!  HealthyHighway was created as a place to share my knowledge about living healthy and living well despite the obstacles I face everyday. I've learned a lot from living with limits on a daily basis since I live with allergies to foods, airborne allergens/pollens, and multiple chemicals. I believe that excellent health ~ physical, spiritual, emotional, relational, mental ~ is found along the journey and is not just the destination. I've discovered that you can live well with limits. My goal is to share what I learned with you so that you live your happiest, healthiest life ever ~ your best life!   

alt=photo of Leesa Wheeler
 Photograph by Karen Lawson   

                         Leesa A. Wheeler, BCN, BCFWP, CIC                                                                      ZYTO ELITE and ZYTO EVOX Certified 
                         Healthy Lifestyle Coach
                 Organic Health & Beauty Consultant ~ Neal's Yard Remedies​                                        
                                          Author of two books...
              Live Well... Lifestyle Solutions for a Happy Healthy You! 
                                          Melodies from Within 
                                          Available on AmazonBarnes&NobleGooglePlayiTunes
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