Preparing for a Hospital Stay

Here's a checklist of  items that I would use for may use it as a format and tailor one for your specific needs....
For My Hospital Stay

I have Asthma/Reactive Airway Disease and severe chemical allergies. Certain volatile organic substances such as perfume and formaldehyde constrict my lungs and when that happens, it's difficult for me to breathe. Additional symptoms that occur when I have an allergic reaction could include but are not limited to: face and extremities swell and become red, nausea, light-headedness, and body aches, etc. Please comply with the following:

  • Allergies:  (List your allergies here)

  • Have any pre-op tests done at the Dr.’s office and faxed over to the hospital

  • All medications should be preservative free and the smallest (pediatric) dose possible for desired result.

  • Any anesthesia should be preservative and epinephrine free

  • Find out who the head nurse is and talk with her 

  • Note on the door – NO FRAGRANCE (perfume/cologne, body lotion, deodorant, clothes detergent, dryer sheets)

  • Use preservative free saline IV from a bottle

  • Start on oxygen immediately - use patient provided out-gassed cannula

  • Must always wait in a private area

  • Room cleaned with baking soda and water or Seventh Generation All Purpose cleaner

  • Have own water and food brought in

  • Use own sheets, toilet paper, paper towels, soap

  • Bring own Ionizer – personal and room size along with the fan ionizer 

  • Bring an ice chest for organic food and purified water.

  • Be the first procedure of the day

  • Utilize absorbable or silk sutures - possibly use Prolene sutures if tolerated

  • Use paper adhesive tape or a latex-free Band-Aid

  • Use hydrogen peroxide instead of alcohol or can use grain alcohol provided by patient

  • No inhaled anesthesia

  • Return Home ASAP

  • Muscle test all items that may be used during the procedure or stay in advance if possible

Being chemically sensitive requires special attention to details particularly when it comes to a hospital stay.  I highly recommend contacting the compliance department of your preferred hospitals in advance so they can be prepared for your arrival whether it is a scheduled procedure or an emergency.

Have a travel bag prepared at home that includes all the information and supplies that you will need such as organic sheets & pillowcase, ionizer fan, your pillow, mattress and pillow protectors, etc. Make sure that family and friends know where the bag is.  Be sure to include information on how to reach suppliers for your food and water.  Some may deliver. Make sure that copies are kept on file with your medical doctor, MedicAlert (, and the hospital.