Leesa A. Wheeler, Bijoutier
                                                                                                                                                                                 Photograph by Karen Lawson

In 1989 she formed her own company, La Bijoux, specializing in couture, bridal, pageant, and formal wear accessory designs. Ms. Wheeler worked with pageants on local, state, national, and international levels. The look of La Bijoux is one of timeless style with the essence of elegance. Women experience the feeling of confidence, style, and beauty when wearing La Bijoux.

After only one year of designing, Leesa became the exclusive accessory designer for J Reynolds, the Atlanta designer known for his outrageously formal and exotic creations. La Bijoux accessories have been featured in the J Reynolds national advertisements seen in MODERN BRIDE, SEVENTEEN, SASSY, BRIDES, YOUR PROM, PAGEANTRY, ELEGANT BRIDE and WWD. Her designs were also frequently shown in fashion shows from New York to Los Angeles to Atlanta.

Marie De George, international couturiere, also featured La Bijoux when creating that special look for her custom pageant and bridal gowns, couture, and formal wear. Together their designs have been worn by the First Lady of South Carolina, Miss Georgia 1996, Miss Georgia 1995, Miss Georgia 1994, Miss Georgia 1993, Miss Georgia 1992, Miss Georgia 1991, Miss Alabama 1991, The judges of the 1991 Miss World Pageant, Miss Georgia 1990 - The Miss America Interview Award Winner, Miss Georgia Teen USA 1990, Miss Kentucky 1990, Miss Alabama 1990, Miss North Carolina 1990, Miss North Dakota 1990, Miss South Carolina 1990, Mrs. South Carolina 1990 - and as a contestant for Mrs. America Pageant in Moscow, Russia, Miss Mississippi 1990 - A Miss America Top 5 Finalist, Miss World 1990, and Miss Georgia 1989. Miss Gina Tolleson, Miss World 1990 and the co-hostess of the Miss World 1991 pageant, wore Ms. Wheeler’s creations during the live international telecast in Atlanta, Georgia on December 28, 1991. The pageant was shown live in 23 countries across the world.

In 2005, inspired by her best friend who didn't want to wear a traditional blue garter, Leesa returned to her love of accessory design and solved her friend's dilemma ~ she designed a wedding anklet! Sexy, Simple, Stunning, Stylish ~ the wedding anklet adds just the touch of blue necessary for every bride! 

Leesa's love of pearls led her to dolma Pearl, a contemporary concept for the world's most ancient gemstone!  Several of her designs... Dove, Raindrop, Coco, La Luna (her anklet), and La Vina (her clustered pearl pendant)... were included in their pearl collections! 

Leesa is currently partnering with Smart Glass Jewelry for a collection of recycled cosmetic bottles, recycled wild crafted botanical and homeopathic bottles, and recycled nutritional supplement bottles. Here's a glimpse.... Stay tuned!

Leesa is also proud to introduce La Ovala ©, her solution to an earring that stays in your ears and needs no backing!  Shop your jewelry box and create a new look!  Leesa's La Ovala © earring finding is  available in sterling silver, 14kt gold, and platinum and only at Milano Jewelry in Cumming, GA. 770-888-9825.  

La Bijoux
The Essence of Elegance

Leesa A. Wheeler worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years. Her initial experience came as a Certified Image Consultant with Dallas based BeautiControl Cosmetics, Inc. A love of fashion, along with the realization that she possessed a superb insight into fashion trends and styles of accessories, inspired her into designing her own accessories. 

alt=Leesa Wheeler wearing dolma pearls
alt=photo of LaOvala, an earring finding that stays in your ear with no backing

La Ovala ©
Recycled Cosmetic Bottle Jewelry
Recycled Jewelry Bottles
Recyc;ed Cosmetic Bottles