Gratitude Journal

I’ve found that keeping focused on all that is good in my life makes a world of difference in my attitude and helps me enjoy a good night's sleep. My sister saw an episode of Oprah years ago where Oprah talked about having a gratitude journal. 

That year for Christmas, my sister gave me a journal to write what I was grateful for every day...and I've been doing it ever since! Each evening before bed, I write in my gratitude journal the things and experiences that I’m thankful for on that day.

Be sure to visit Oprah's website at and watch the video here.  

Here's a few things on my daily gratitude list....

I'm thankful for...
the sunrise and sunset, sun, moon and stars
breezes and shade
trusting God’s Heart when I can’t trace His Hand
my friends
seasons of the year and their reflection of God’s Glory
love in my life
my life experiences
being able to read, write, talk and understand
the ocean, its beauty and melody
all the foods I can eat
my spiritual gifts
those who do for me what I cannot do for myself
the products I can use and the things I can do
my home ~ my safe haven
laughter and tears
Jesus, who saved and intercedes for me
my treasured memories and splendid moments
answered prayers
the peace and joy I’ve experienced living with my limits
wisdom and knowledge 
the plans God has for me
gloves, socks, and a hat on a cold day
my health
God’s peace, healing, faithfulness, forgiveness, direction, word, control, 
protection, provision, grace, mercy, love, and strength in my life daily
the special things that happened today…


I typically use my daily devotional as my gratitude journal...
What will you use for yours?