Eternity Bound 

If you‘ve accepted Christ as your savior, living on this earth is the closest you’ll get to hell… If you’ve rejected Christ as your savior (and not choosing is in fact a choice), living on this earth is the closest you’ll get to heaven…

I faced my own mortality before my brain surgery and I was with my Daddy as he took his last breath. Death is a part of life and something each of us will experience. Knowing this, then the question is not will we die, the question is when we die, are we ready to face eternity? I’ve learned that none of us knows when our time will come, but we can be ready when God calls us home. Since we know it will happen, we can prepare for it and make sure our affairs are in order. We can make sure we know where our souls will spend eternity. Remember, eternity is too long to be wrong. Do you know for sure where you’ll spend your eternity? If you died today, are you sure you’ll go to Heaven? I hope you answered yes. If you did, Awesome! If you didn’t, the Bible clearly teaches that we can be sure. Here’s a link that provides information on what the Bible says about this issue…. 

Search your heart and get right with God. We can’t earn our way into heaven, it’s a precious, priceless gift from God paid for by Jesus. Jesus would rather die than live without you! If you are still curious about the cost Jesus paid, watch The Passion of the Christ, a film by Mel Gibson. Talk to God…let Him know you are a sinner in need of a savior and invite Jesus into your heart. 

Make sure your family and friends know you love them. Are you telling them AND showing them? Do they know how special they are to you and how much you appreciate them? Live so you have no regrets.

Make sure to have a will so that your family will know what to do with your belongings and assets after you die. Plan your funeral in advance so that your desires for the celebration of your life will be just what you wanted. Having these two things in place are the greatest gifts you can give your family. With them in place, your family doesn’t have to make decisions about what you may or may not want, and they can begin to grieve so their hearts can heal. You’ll have peace knowing that your final wishes were carried out exactly as you planned. 

I recommend visiting Suze Orman’s website, She offers a wonderful Ultimate Protection Portfolio that helps you organize your important papers in one place. It also includes information on creating your will, a revocable living trust, a durable power of attorney for finances, and a durable power of attorney for healthcare. You could also see an estate attorney. In the Atlanta area, I recommend estate attorney, Don Coffey. Don can be reached at 404-497-8030. Be sure you include who takes care of your pet when you die, what to do with your belongings and assets, whether you want to be embalmed or not, a list of friends that you’d like to have a special remembrance of you, and what to do with your belonging and assets should you be the last one to die in your family. For example, if you are single and have no children, you could donate a portion of your estate to a list of charities, universities, and/or church organizations. 

A funeral director will work closely with you to prepare what’s called a pre-need. You can per-pay as well but it’s not necessary. The funeral director will help you create a personal funeral/memorial and/or graveside service. Things to consider are whether you desire to be buried and if you will be embalmed or not, if your casket will be open or closed, where you will be buried, cremation and if and where you’d like your cremains scattered, visitation, funeral, memorial, or graveside services, who will serve as active or honorary pall bearers, who will speak, who will sing and/or what music will be played, contact numbers for those participating, scripture recited, and flowers or donations made and to whom.

At my daddy’s visitation, we had a photo collage of him with friends and family, his hats, his Bible, and framed poems I’d written for him displayed on a table while instrumental music played softly. At his graveside service we listened to his favorite songs, heard his favorite Bible verses, and talked about his life. We celebrated the man we knew and loved. Because Daddy was involved in all the decisions, we knew it was just what he wanted. When Daddy died, all we had to do was call the funeral director. What a blessing it was to have these decisions made in advance! My affairs are in order, won’t you get yours ready? Don’t Delay ~ Do it Today! We don’t know what tomorrow will bring…  

Your Soul ~ Your Will & Testament ~ Your Funeral/Memorial Service

Eternity Bound

Living, not existing, until your turn arrives
The moment to occur unknown
Except by The Father
For some in the blink of an eye
For others, time for preparation
Leaving loved ones behind for a while
With promises and deeds fulfilled or ignored
A decision must be made
Acceptance or rejection of Jesus, the Lamb of God
Then, assured passage through the gateway ~ Heaven’s peace or Hell’s pain?
Your choice for your soul’s residence
Your homecoming, a reunion of souls, all you’ve hoped for and more!
Minute by minute narrowing the gap
For facing your eternity